Specially commissioned GT4 specification race cars

engineered in Britain by the Special Vehicle Operations

(SVO) arm of Jaguar Land Rover.

The car can be adapted to suit each drivers individual needs.





Weight - 1,450kg 
Lenght - 4482mm 
Width Track - 1597mm (Front - Production)1649mm (Rear - Production)
Height - 1314mm
Wheel Base - 2622mm
Fuel Tank - 120L ATL FT3 bag Tank
Power System - JLR AJ133 V8 Supercharged 450-500bhp dependant on BOP 
A/S - Freeflow Air Intake Filters to Std Throttle Body & Manifold
Exhaust - Modified standard system with Fia homologated catalyst, SVR quad tailpipe exit
Fuel System - FIA FT3-1999 Approved (Composite Body Enclosure).
Gearbox - XTRAC Gearbox: 6 Speed Sequential 
Gear Linkage - Paddle-shift System (Pneumatic actuation from Steering Wheel)
Actuation - Shiftec Pnematic Paddleshift
Tyre Size -  Pirelli 305x660x18"
Wheel Size - 11J x18" Rimstock Aluminum Alloy
Dampers - Bilstein 2-Way Adjustable Dampers with Eibach Springs
Suspension components - Revised geometry for track use
Brakes - Alcon 6 piston Front 380Diax35.6mm Disc Alcon 4 Piston rear 343Diax32mm Disc
Body Varlent - Jaguar FType SVR 18MY
Splitter - Carbon fibre splitter
Glazing - Polycarbonate
Hood - Carbon fibre hood
Tailgate - Composite tailgate 
Doors - Aluminium Outer with Carbon Inner
HVAC - Sabelt 8862-2009 Compliant
External E Stop - Cosworth DDU with Bespoke Overlay
Switch Packs - Jaguar Membrane Panel
ECU - Bosch Motorsport MS6.4
External E Stop - External E Sto & Fire Extinguisher Actuation
Fire Extinguisher Switch - Shielded Push Button 
Ignition Switch - 3 Position Switch  
Body Controls - Cosworth Ips33
Wiring Harness - Bespoke motorsport Wiring Harness 
Safety Systems - GT4 compliant
Restraints - FIA 8853/98 Compliant 6 point harnesses 
Driver safety - Safe craft window nets
Roll Over Protection - Bespoke  Roll Cage to Msa/Fia regulations
Location - Proving ground, race circuits or closed roads only
Conditions - Ambient temperature +10ºC to +40ºC Damp or dry conditions only


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